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About Us

Since our establishment in 1998, our aim at Kids Academy SSW has always been to focus on an individualised approach, allowing children to develop at their own pace whilst having fun in the process within a safe, family-oriented and nurturing environment. 


The school started off as a playschool and aftercare centre in a residential building. Since then it has grown into a full preschool up to Grade R and we registered as an Educare centre with the Western Cape Social Development Department in 2015.  Kids Academy experienced a healthy growth in learner numbers, especially in the higher grades, due to an increasing demand for the specialised services we offer and referrals from other schools and satisfied parents. We had to expand our grades and in 2019 we can proudly accommodate learners up to Grade 12 in our newly established K-Academy Learning Centre. We follow the CAPS learning curriculum and is also a registered Impaq Centre.

In 2020 we registered with WCED as an Independent Combined school and can now proudly offer learners an alternative to Impaq.

Please contact us for more information.

Our facilities

Due to the above growth in numbers, expanding our grades and serving a larger geographical area, a new and more central site had to be found. Our new premises are centrally located between Strand and Somerset West in 97 Mills street, Strand (just off Main road and Broadway Boulevard). This facility accommodates children of all ages and grades with state of the art security arrangements to ensure the safety of your child.  Classrooms are spacious and well equipped. The facility offers ample playing areas for the learners and adequate space for art, music and kinetics. Adjacent are large fenced sport fields to which we have access to.

Our philosophy and approach

We believe in structured learning facilitated by experienced teachers. Kids need to be kids and have fun whilst learning. We follow an individualised approach where each child can develop at his/her own pace with regular feedback to learners and parents. We prefer our classes to be small and focus on group work and interaction to also promote their social skills.

Technology is utilised to expose learners to the digital world as well as assisting them with their individual subjects. Special programs are available for learners with reading difficulties and even dyslexia.

Children from all ages will benefit from our individualised approach as we specialise in learners that do not feel comfortable or do not achieve their personal goals in traditional main stream, and even some private schools. We cater for enrolment on a full-time basis and also for home-school learners requiring additional support as well as after care.

Parent involvement

Your child’s development is so important that it requires a partnership between us (the school) and you (the parents). We are family orientated and believe that strong family ties are important for your child’s development.


General Information and Services

We are open Monday to Friday 7:15am to 5:30pm. We are open during all school holidays and only close for the period from 15 December up to when the formal academic school term starts and some Public holidays.

Transport with PDP licenced drivers is available for learners who attend extra-mural activities.


Parent interviews are held in Term 1 and Term 3 with accompanying documentation.

Comprehensive reports in Term 2 and Term 4

All teachers are available for personal discussions in-between on arrangement.

Registration Open

Enquire about  registrations for Toddlers up to Grade 12.

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